Roblox’s ‘Adopt Me’ Craze, Explained

The Roblox “Adopt Me” feature, which enables users to create infant, child, adolescent, and adult personas and then role-play with them, is very popular.

Since its launch in 2006, Roblox has been one of the top free online platforms, attracting millions of users daily. One category of the excess of online games referred to as Experiences on Roblox, consistently takes over the Explore page: the “Adopt Me” games.
Users are inundated with several “Adopt Me” experiences filling in their recommendations as soon as they log in. In order to role-play with other players, these games revolve around building complex characters using an in-game creation tool and entering the world as a baby, child, teen, or adult. Next, players use words like “ABC for a rebellious teen” or “ABC for a strict mom” in the chat to find other gamers who share their interests.

A mania that began as a singular role-playing mechanic has spread over the entire platform. The “Adopt Me” trend has spread to other platforms’ genres because to its enormous popularity. Whether the creator intended it or not, other townie role-playing games end up resembling “Adopt Me.” It’s typical to enter Top Experiences like Brookhaven and Livetopia and find players ABC-ing for a family even though these games are designed for townie role-playing.

One may wonder what exactly makes this kind of gaming enjoyable. Given that youngsters between the ages of 9 and 12 make up the majority of the Roblox user base, one could assume that these young people are tired of being told what to do on a daily basis. Contrary to popular belief, it’s often the younger players role-playing as the parents while the older players pretend to be the children, which isn’t all that surprising. In a game where kids can be anything they want, “Adopt Me” games give them the opportunity to be an adult in charge.

The main reason behind the popularity and success of “Adopt Me” games stems from the game design rather than the role-playing elements. Being part of the most popular genre geared towards younger players, Roblox developers have become meticulous in their design of “Adopt Me” games. After all, children who ask their parents for money are more likely to spend Robux on Experience add-ons than adults. From in-game character creation engines to residential areas to mini-games, these developers create Experiences wherein players are meant to fully immerse themselves. The game is no longer about finding a parent or child, but about the various amenities that the Experience has to offer.

Aside from the stellar gameplay that “Adopt Me” games have to offer, the friendly role-playing community makes the Experience dynamic and fun, driving new role-players to return for more. When playing an “Adopt Me” Experience, the role-playing isn’t limited to just one family. Instead, gamers on the entire server play with one another. Instances, where kids at school feud or parents brawl are rare but comical scenes that show how chaotic and fun the Experience, can be if everyone plays together. Experiences like these are what lead players to seek the same fun in other role-playing games, even if they’re not specifically meant for “Adopt Me” role-playing.

If new users are turned off by the abundance of “Adopt Me” and role-playing games, they shouldn’t be, for these are some of the more well-developed Experiences on the platform. After all, one doesn’t have to role-play in order to enjoy the mini-games and player progression that these types of Experiences have to offer. However, if “Adopt Me” games aren’t the user’s cup of tea, Roblox has thousands of top Experiences for them to explore.

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