Roblox Cloth

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Roblox Cloth is a new clothing item in Roblox, which can be worn by players and avatars alike. Roblox is a game where you can build and design your own virtual world. They have been expanding lately to incorporate other media like movies, animations, and music! One of their recent expansion that caught my attention was their Roblox Cloth. Roblox Cloth is an interactive game that allows user-generated textiles that are not just limited to text but also includes images and sounds. User-generated textiles can be for any type of clothing, but the creator will create how it looks on the computer screen before it gets printed out in real life. This project is one of many other projects they’ve been working on recently including partnerships with Kellogg’s cereal, Qualcomm Technologies, and Nokia Technologies to give every citizen access to technology. My favorite part about this project is the collaboration between artists and developers – they want everyone to have access to these types of things so they can collaborate their creativity and make something new!

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